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How to Write Analytical Essay


Analytical essay writing requires application of critical thinking skills, knowledge of evaluative techniques and ability to collect supporting materials.  The purpose of writing an analytical essay is to help the student learn how to support his argument with evidence from secondary resources.  It is important to include the discussion of counterarguments, argument contradictions and minor opinions.

How to Write Analytical Essay: Format

  • Overview of the whole paper (analytical essay abstract is the short summary of the paper, written with the purpose to inform the reader about the arguments, and main points to be discussed) 
  • Argument presentation (make sure to state your argument clearly in the introductory part, if the paper length allows, devote a page or so to background information on the argument)
  • Assumptions analysis (provide the description of all sides of the arguments, however, try to lead the reader to accept your point of view)
  • Appeal to the reader (while analyzing the evidence collected to support your ideas, focus on rational, emotional or ethical appeals; engage the reader into your discussion) 

How to Write Analytical Essay: Secrets

While writing an analytical essay, think about the audience you address.  The most common pitfall of all students is that they perceive their tutor as the audience of their assignment.  The tutor will grade your work, however, the paper should be appealing to the greater audience.  Similar to interpretive essay, analytical writing is focused on the specific assumption, social problem, historical event, or work of art.  Similar to persuasive writing, analytical essay is aimed at showing the reader that the writer's view of the problem is the most logical.  The objective is to expand the understanding of object, event, or problem and to offer either the assessment or the solution.

How to Write Analytical Essay: Writing Steps

STEP 1 Choosing the topic.  As it was already noted, try to narrow the topic as much as you can.  If the topic is too wide, you will fail to investigate the problem thoroughly and your analytical essay will have low informational value

STEP 2 Developing an essay structure.  While writing an analytical essay outline, do not be afraid to write down all of the ideas you have.  The more notes to make, the deeper your argument will be.  Make sure to decide on the sequence of arguments presentation

STEP 3 Organizing.  You should follow the standard structure of academic paper:  introduction, body with supporting arguments, conclusion and works cited page.  Body should include argument description, critical essay analysis and your interpretation supported with secondary resources.

STEP 4 Drafting.  Once you have written down all of your ideas in essay format, it becomes the custom essay writing draft.  Leave it aside, let your thoughts to focus on something else, then read your essay again.  It is a good idea to ask your friends or parents to read your analytical essay - they may correct the mistakes you did not notice and provide valuable advices.

How to Write Analytical Essay: Custom Writing

Custom writing service is aimed at helping college and university students with papers on any topic and of any complexity.  The quality of analytical essay is directly related to qualifications of the writer assigned to help you.  We check the writing skills of every custom essay writer employ, and we guarantee that every writer working in our company is professional, possesses profound writing skills and is capable to meet your quality expectations.

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