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How to Write a Thesis


This guide will help you to organize the thesis writing process, to divide the whole assignment into smaller pieces and provide you with practical advises on how to complete these pieces successfully.

How to Write a Thesis: What is it?

Thesis writing involves the same objectives as dissertation writing.  You are expected to produce the original work which will contribute to the already published information on the topic.  When you start writing a thesis, you will have an impression that it is a long and difficult assignment.  In simple words, thesis is a type of research report which covers the problem, describes what was known before, what is your contribution to the existing information, your interpretation of the findings, and the direction for the further research.

How to Write a Thesis: Outline

The first step of thesis writing is developing an outline.  Thesis outline should be several pages in length and contain headings, subheadings, and your notes.  Thesis outline development will help you to structure the thesis better and provide you with the list of ideas to research.  Thesis topic should not be too wide, try to make it as narrow as possible.  If the thesis topic is too general, the value of information presented in the thesis will not be high enough to contribute to the already published research.

How to Write a Thesis: Style

While writing a thesis, keep in mind that poor grammar and wordiness will make the thesis hard to read.  Short, to the point phrases are better than long complicated sentences.  Of course, if the thesis topic is scientific and very specific, you cannot avoid expressing your ideas in long sentences.  Note that active voice gives the reader better idea of what was done by you rather than what was measured by others.

How to Write a Thesis: Structure

Your thesis should contain the following section:  title page, abstract, acknowledgments, table of contents, introduction, literature review, materials and methods, theory, results and discussions, conclusions, suggestions for further research, references and appendices.?  Thesis abstract should be written when the work is almost completed.  Abstract should contain the short overview of the problem, description of the methods, summary of the results and conclusions.  Thesis introduction should provide the answers to the following questions:?  what is the topic of research?  Why this topic is important?  What is the problem?  How does it fit into your field of study?  Thesis introduction should be interesting and attention getting, therefore, you should revise it several times.?  Literature review should follow the thesis introduction.  Do not provide the summary of the articles or books, you should rather critically look at the publications.  Thesis materials and methods section requirements may differ for different thesis topics.  In any case, materials and methods should be described clearly and concisely to allow the reader to reproduce what was done.  The theory section of thesis should not be too long, try to move lengthy theoretical works to appendices.  Results and discussions are the most important sections of your thesis.  Be attentive to describe the conditions under which the results were obtained.  It is advised to use graphs, charts, and tables to illustrate the findings.  The final section is conclusions and suggestions for further research.  Keep conclusion short, few pages would be enough to summarize the findings and provide the assessment of the thesis' contribution to the problem solution.


How to Write a Thesis: Writing Help

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