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How to Write a Term Paper


Writing a term paper is the common assignment for high school and college students.  Usually, the term paper counts for at least 25 percent of your final grade.  This section is the guidance on how to write a term paper which will impress your tutor and ensure the good grade for you.

How to Write a Term Paper: Tips

Prior to writing a term paper, you need to do some planning and make sure that you understand the instructions clearly.  Do not delay term paper writing until the last day because writing a term paper requires a lot of time.  Leave some time for the unexpected situations such as computer crash.  Excuses similar to 'dog ate my essay' or 'my hard disc crashed' will not be accepted by most of the tutor.

The first step of term paper writing is the choosing the topic.  If you are given the freedom to choose your term paper topic, try to select the one which fulfils the assignments and is interesting for you to research.  It is strongly advised to write an essay on the narrow topic.  For example, if you writing a term paper on abortions, you may focus on how the attitude of American population to abortions has changed over the last 40 years.

How to Write a Term Paper: Conduction Research

When you have chosen the topic, it is time to conduct thorough research and find the relevant information.  Without good research, your term paper will be weak and based on your personal opinion rather than facts.  The first place to find resources is library in the school or college.  Books, articles from magazines and journals, online sources and governmental publications are the sources you may utilize while writing a term paper.  Be attentive to reference all of the sources used for essay writing.

How to Write a Term Paper: Formatting Secrets

If you are a college student and you are writing a term paper, you need to take into account the three organizational issues:  outline, term paper structure, and approach.  Outline is the plan of the whole term paper.  Outline creation helps you to organize your thoughts and lay our the structure of the term paper.  The main parts of the term paper include introduction, body, and conclusion.  Introductory part of the term paper sets the overall direction of the paper and informs the reader about the purpose of your writing.  Body is the biggest part of the term paper and should fully uncover the researched topic.  If the term paper is long (more than five pages), you should divide it into sections and use headings for each section.  While writing a term paper, you need to decide on the writing approach:  chronological (facts presented in the chronological order) or analytical (from the most important factors to the least important).

How to Write a Term Paper: Writing Help

If you have started writing your term paper, but in the process of writing you realized that you need with the assignment, do not hesitate to ask for help. The first person to help you with term paper writing is your tutor.  Discuss your ideas with him, he might advise you on topic direction, identify resources and plan the term paper structure.

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