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How to Write a Research Paper


Research paper is usually longer than other types of assignments and in order to write a research paper you need to go be able to devote many hours researching the topic, making notes, and analyzing the sources.

How to Write a Research Paper: Steps

Steps to writing a research paper include choosing a topic, finding information, stating the thesis, making outline, organizing the notes, writing the first draft, revising the draft, typing the final paper. You may look for relevant information for your paper in the different sources such books, newspapers, reports, magazines, and, of course, internet.  Your research paper.  Be attentive not to create a literature review of chosen sources instead of research paper writing.  The information you find is used to support your point of view, your assumptions and hypothesis. 

How to Write a Research Paper: Topics

When you start writing a research paper, you will realize that there are many research paper topics on the issue.  For example, if the research paper topic is abortion, you may choose to write about the causes of abortion banning in the early 20th century, or you may prefer to write about the current attitude of society to abortion.  Remember, your research paper should add valuable information to the already published materials rather than summarize the existing literature on the topic.

How to Write a Research Paper: Outline

When you have collected enough information, you need to compose a research paper outline.  The purpose outline writing is to organize your thought logically and ensure that the research paper flows smoothly.  A good outline is a vital step of research paper writing.  The major elements of outline include introduction, body, and conclusion.

How to Write a Research Paper: Format

The opening part of the research paper is introduction.  You need to state the thesis of your writing and introduce the reader to the topic.  In addition, you need to provide the short overview of the key points to be discussed.  Body of the essay must include at least three arguments supporting the thesis.  Conclusion of the essay is not the summary of the whole paper, it is rather a restating of the paper writing.

How to Write a Research Paper: Checklist

  • Thesis statement is clear and is included in the introductory part of the paper
  • The outline covers all of the key points
  • The essay has logical and smooth flow of ideas
  • All resources used for paper completion are cited
  • The thesis is supported with arguments

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