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How to Write a Narrative Essay


Narrative Essay Writing is the same as story telling.  You should include the sensory details (vivid verbs, for example) to involve the reader into your story.  Narrative essay writing is based on the personal experience and should have the following elements: plot, characters, setting, climax, and conclusion.

Narrative Essay Prompts

  • Essay written from a specific point of view
  • Essay supports this points
  • Essay is filled with specific details
  • Essay has vivid verbs
  • Essay has a conflict and setting
  • Essay may contain dialogues

Writing a Narrative Essay

While writing a narrative essay, you may focus on the specific event in your past, describe the person you have met, and provide your observations of the present days.  You are welcome to tell the story from the first person.  It is a good idea to type record the story you want to write a narrative essay about.

The personal narrative essay should have a clear introduction and logical conclusion.  Unlike a research paper, conclusion of the narrative essay should not be the summary of the main points, but rather present an outcome of the story you tell.  You may include dialogues, anecdotes, and describe events or people in small details.  If you want the reader to memorize your story, focus on emotions.  For example, inform the reader how you felt in the specific moment of your life, what your thoughts were, and why your decision has changed.

Narrative Essay Ideas

While writing a narrative essay, think about the specific moment in your life which has impressed you, was important to you, or has changed your life.  Try to recall the situations when you experienced the inner hesitation which decision to make and how to behave.  For example, when you saw your friend cheating on exam and did not know what to do:  to tell the teacher immediately or to talk with friend first.

You may write a narrative essay about the stressful situation in your life.  For example, you may write about your feelings when you were informed about the divorce of your parents or about the death of a relative.  Alternatively, your narrative essay may cover friendship issue, the situation when the friend has helped you or, on the contrary, has betrayed your trust.

Think about your childhood, the first time you went to school on the bus, the first A on a test, the first time you came to school unprepared, the first money earned by you.  You will definitely recall some situations which seemed very important to you at that time while lost their importance today.  Write a narrative essay on how your life goals have changed and why.  We do not advise you to use free narrative essays you may find on the internet as the basis of your essay because you will be distracted from your own life experiences.

Custom Narrative Essay Writing

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