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How to Write a Good Essay Conclusion


There are many ways to write an essay. We advise the following: select topic of your essay; choose the central idea or thesis of your essay; outline your essay into introductory, body and summary paragraphs; develop essay body paragraphs by giving detailed information and examples; finish the introductory paragraph with a short summary or goal statement.

Good Essay Conclusion

Conclusions are the most difficult parts of the essay. While writing essay conclusion, you are not expected to show all of your creative skills as in essay body. If we are talking about introduction and body of the essay there we just enumerate different facts, evidences, discoveries, compare different information, while conclusions should summarize the thesis statement with the short overview of the main essay points.  That is why conclusions are the most difficult parts of the essay for a student to write. Many students believe they wrote everything they should in the beginning and middle of their essay, thus the conclusion is not so important. A conclusion is an ending of your writing and it will be remembered the most. The conclusion should tell the reader why the essay was important.

The conclusion briefly reminds the reader of the thesis statement. There should be smooth transition from body paragraphs to essay conclusion.  Do not include such words as 'in conclusion', 'in summary', or 'to finalize this essay'.  Do not introduce new material.  Writing essay conclusion is your chance to have the last word on the subject. You should explain your ides, demonstrate the importance of your ideas, and summarize your thoughts. In the conclusion of your essay you have a last chance to impress your reader. It is a part in which you can show the relationship between the numerous ideas in your essay.

This is an example of the conclusion of philosophical essay.

...In learning philosophy you have to learn to argue for or against philosophical opinions and to understand and assess philosophical visions and you have to become familiar with some of the arguments and outlooks that have been advanced on certain topics in the past. The latter, however, involves no great effort of memorizing: the difficulty is one of understanding rather than of remembering. Broadly speaking, you learn in lectures what are the traditional and contemporary arguments and theories that have been advanced on a certain topic. This can involve attention to some important period in the over two-thousand-year-long history of the subject or a study of more recent debates; and in tutorials and written work you acquire by practice the skill of advancing cogent and informed arguments of your own...

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