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How to Write a Dissertation


If you are writing a dissertation, you need to plan the writing process ahead and devote many hours to research, reading, making notes, writing, rewriting, and proofreading. What you need to know about dissertation writing:

  • Dissertation thesis is the hypothesis, the statement you are going to investigate
  • Dissertation should be long (usually not less than 25 pages)
  • Dissertation has to be original and substantial, it should be the valuable contribution to the already published information on the topic of your research
  • You should apply the scientific method while writing a dissertation:  develop hypothesis and collect information to support it
  • Every statement you make in your dissertation has to be supported with the evidence from outside resources; dissertation should not be based on your opinion only

How to Write a Dissertation: Abstracts

Dissertation is the scientific writing and you cannot avoid using specific terminology.  While writing a dissertation, make sure to provide the definitions of technical terms.  Avoid using jokes and adverbs in your dissertation.  The following words should not be used as well:  good , stupid, true, perfect, modern times, soon, we are interested to learn, ideal solution, it seems, as the basis of, lots of, kind of, different, something like, probably, simple, obviously, due to, really, you will read about, I will write that, we understand that, hopefully, should and may.

How to Write a Dissertation: Tips

While writing a dissertation, strive to use only active constructions in present tense.  If in your dissertation you are referring to the research done by another author, focus on the results rather than circumstances in which the study was conducted.  Moreover, while covering the dissertation topic, avoid praise and criticism - first write the facts and then assess their contribution to the hypothesis.

How to Write a Dissertation: Format

  • Introduction (provide the detailed overview of the topic, state why it is important to be researched, and provide the clear and specific hypothesis) 10% of the dissertation length
  • Literature Review (provide the critical overview of the literature covering the dissertation topic; make sure to reference only reliable sources such as books, journals, magazines, governmental publications, and official reports) 25% of the dissertation length
  • Dissertation Methodology (the description of the ways you will proof the hypothesis, should provide the critical assessment of the chosen methods) 15% of the dissertation length
  • Data presentation (inform the reader about the findings, what was discovered; you are encouraged to create tables and charts) 10% of dissertation length
  • Discussion and Analysis (provide the detailed analysis of the gathered information, compare your results with the findings of others) 20% of the dissertation length
  • Summary and Conclusion (summarize the dissertation findings, conclude with the direction for further research, and provide recommendation) 15% of the dissertation length
  • Appendices and Bibliography (make sure to reference all of the sources consulted) 

How to Write a Dissertation: Custom Service

As you understand, dissertation writing is a complicated process which required excellent research skills, ability to analyze the information and apply the scientific methods.  Most of the students are not able to devote enough time to dissertation writing process and they seek dissertation help online. is a solution to these students.  In addition to free guides on dissertation writing, we offer custom dissertation writing service.  We employ only professional writers with years of experience in dissertation writing who are capable to deliver the dissertation meeting all of your requirements and exceeding the expectations.

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