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How to Write a Descriptive Essay


Descriptive essay should depict the mood of the writer and contains images that speak.  Descriptive essay writing is the most structured academic assignment which shows the ability of the writer to write put emotions into words.  Descriptive essay touches the feelings of reader and evokes emotional responses.  Good descriptive essay captures the interest of the reader.  Even though you write a descriptive essay about anything, you should strive to write about something purposeful, interesting, and emotionally appealing.

Writing Descriptive Essay

You need to show the reader why the description essay topic is important to you.  Set the tone of essay in the introductory paragraph and develop a good structure.  While writing a descriptive essay, strive to appeal to the sense (sounds, smells, visual elements, and taste).  Good descriptive essay should be filled with feelings.  For example, active verbs help to feel the emotions.  Stay focused on one strong emotion and devote the whole descriptive essay to it.  For example, write about the person you loved and try to show the reader why your love was strong, what made you love this person so much, describe your feelings and emotions. 

How to Write a Descriptive Essay: Format

There are two possible descriptive essay formats:  objective and subjective.  Objective format requires the application of precise approach, while subject format is more appealing to reader's emotions.  Despite of the format choice, descriptive essay has to be properly divided into sections.  Depending on the content, each paragraph has to have its own idea and at the same time contribute to the main topic.  Do not jump from one idea to another, develop the specific logical pattern.

How to Write a Descriptive Essay: Elements

Keep in mind that the purpose of descriptive essay writing is to make a specific point and show the reader why this point is worth of attention.  While writing a descriptive essay, use vivid language and numerous examples.  Try to cover all aspects of the topic.  Different people have different perceptions of the same object.  For example, if to say 'book', you might think about the fiction, reading, favorite book.  Your friend might think about teachers, studying, boredom, and essays.  Another person might have a completely different set of associations.  So when you start writing descriptive essay, do not focus on your associations only, think about the associations of other people.

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