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How to Write a Coursework


If you have received the assignment to write a coursework, your tutor expects to receive the original piece of writing presented in the report form. Coursework writing is not the same as essay writing:

Coursework must be properly structured (the usage of headings is required)

  • Coursework should follow the formal report format
  • You have to include the content page (with all headings and subheadings)
  • The purpose of coursework writing is to resolve the practical issue (may include different calculations, or assessment of the policy)
  • Coursework should be not less than 3,000 words and contain the executive summary

How to Write a Coursework: Tips

If you have the freedom to decide on the coursework topic, choose the one which is more interesting to you. Prior to researching the topic, draw the structure plan of your coursework. Use your textbooks, information sheets, local library, internet, and organizations as the sources for ideas for coursework. We advise you to create the timetable of coursework writing and plan you time. When the first draft is written, check the coursework for spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes. If you have included and chart or graph in your coursework, make sure to explain it and show why you have included it.

How to Write a Coursework: Guide

  • Language - must be straightforward, avoid usage of jargon, make sure your coursework is free of sentence construction mistakes
  • Definitions - include definitions of specific terms
  • 'I' and 'We' - coursework is the report and you must not write it in first person
  • Style - be precise, concise and to the point, avoid such words as nice or good, now and currently.
  • Generalizations - coursework is not a descriptive type of writing, support all of your claims with evidence from outside resources
  • Structure - make sure that the points you make are linked together in the logical sequence

While writing a coursework, do not address the reader directly and do not ask questions in the essay. Redundant phrases, linking words ('but' and 'yet'), contradictions, negative statements, wordiness should be avoided as well.

How to Write a Coursework: Online Help

Coursework writing is more difficult than term paper writing. Your tutor expects to receive the coursework which not only fulfills all of the requirements, but also corresponds to the academic level, follows the writing objectives, and presents clear evidence of thorough research and understanding of the topic. Most of the students do not have enough time to devote to coursework writing, they have many other projects to work on, they combine working and studying. Custom Essay is the solution to busy students. We employ professional writers with years of writing experience. They are able to help you with coursework writing on any topic, of any academic level and of any complexity. In addition to the custom written coursework, you will receive the free title page, outline, and bibliography. To prove the coursework originality, we attach the plagiarism report to every coursework. Advance your academic performance without efforts! Entrust your coursework writing to our professionals and we will take care of your writing assignment.

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