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How to Write a College Essay Guide


The college essay writing is always the most difficult part of the application process. It requires good writing skills and some originality in order to gain attention of the admission committee. In this article, you will find more tips on how to write a college essay. We cannot guarantee that the result will be superb, but at least, they might help you get started. In addition, we offer custom essay help and you may order professional essay writing from scratch right now and get your essay written by professional writers!

How to write a college essay: Tip 1. View your attempt as an opportunity

When writing your essay, take it as something more than just a page to fill up with writing. Take it as a chance to tell the admission officers about who you really are.

How to write a college essay: Tip 2. Be yourself

Do not try to be funny if you are serious in reality. Be yourself. Do not try to reinvent yourself just to make your essay stand out.

How to write a college essay: Tip 3. Make it fun

If you are going to include some light-hearted anecdote from your childhood, do not turn it into a Congressional Act from history of the USA – make it fun!

How to write a college essay: Tip 4. Be original

Tell the admission officers something different from what they read on your list of extracurricular activities or transcript.

How to write a college essay: Tip 5. Go beyond the obvious

Try to predict what most students might write in their college essays and then write something a little bit different.

How to write a college essay: Tip 6. Focus on the topics of real significance to you

Do not be afraid to reveal yourself in your college essay. The admission committee is eager to know who you are and how you think.

How to write a college essay: Tip 7. Write thoughtfully from the heart

It is easy for the admission committee to find out who is sincere and who is saying what s/he thinks the committee wants to hear.

How to write a college essay: Tip 8. Do not make a history report

Just do not re-hash what other authors have already said.

How to write a college essay: Tip 9. Check and check back

Pay attention to spelling of such words as “their” and “they’re”, “he’s” and “his”, etc. Proofread your paper several times before you hand it in.

Believe in yourself, and you will manage to cope with any difficulties. In addition, our custom essay writers are always online to help you with writing your college essay!

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