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How to Write a Book Report


If you have received the assignment to write a book report, do not think that it is an easy task.  Book report writing is not merely a summary, you have to provide the critical overview of the points raised by the author, analyze the characters, discuss themes, and investigate the applied literal techniques.

How to Write a Book Report: Activities

Book report writing activities include:  making notes while reading, gathering and organizing the notes, deciding what points to discuss, stating the main theme, writing the short summary, and describing the key points, balancing your personal opinion with the examples, and summarizing the importance of the book.  Note that a book report is not the same as book review.  Book report should cover the content and structure without comparing the writing to other publications.  The purpose of book report writing is to give the reader the information about the book.  A book review, on the contrary, is an evaluative analysis of the publication.  The purpose of book review writing is to evaluate the book, not to describe it.

How to Write a Book Report: Format

While writing a book report you need to include the following elements:  the full title of the book and the name of the author, historical period and location of the story, names and brief analysis of the main characters, quotations.

There are different formats for writing a book report and you need to follow the format specified by your tutor.  You can be required to write only in the form of plot summary or character analysis; alternatively, the book report can be the pure criticism of the major themes.

How to Write a Book Report: Plot Summary?

Be careful not to write a plot summary instead of the book report!  You can include the short summary of the plot; however, the main part of your book report should be devoted to analysis and discussions.  For example, you may mention why the plot is unrealistic and support your opinion with the evidence.

How to Write a Book Report: character Analysis

Character analysis is the most frequently assigned type of book report writing.  While reading, you should pay close attention to traits (both physical and personality) of the main and secondary characters.

How to Write a Book Report: Themes

Book report should cover the major themes raised by the author.  Usually, you will notice that many different themes can be discussed - choose two or three themes which are of central importance and focus on them.  Be sure to include quotations to support your discussions.

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