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How to Make a Powerful Admission Essay


If you are dreaming of entering college or university, you also have to think about making a perfect admission essay. Yes, writing an admission essay is a responsibility, as whether you will be accepted or not will much depend on how good your essay is. Still, it should not intimidate you. While writing your admission essay, you are sure to get a new and useful experience. In this article, you will find helpful tips for successful accomplishment of your admission essay.

Tell the reader what is unique about you

Why do you think you can single out among other 20,000+ applicants? Do you have any special personal experience that nobody except you have that will help you become successful? Remember, your response in the admission essay should provide the reader with opportunity to get to know you on a more personal level, beyond your test scores and curriculum.

Use recent examples

Most experts in writing admission essays consider it to be important to focus on the events and issues that happened while you were in high school. Still, if something significant occurred when you were younger and it affected your views, behavior, or decisions largely, talk about it focusing on how that event influenced you in recent years.

Do not make excuses

The admission committee always appreciates sincerity in admission essays. So, if you have had poor grades in high school due to some stressful circumstances, feel free to share that information with them in your admission essay. The most important thing is not to make up false excuses in your paper.

Make sure you are comfortable with your reader

Most applicants feel compelled to share extremely personal information in their admission essays – the death of a family member, health issues, abuse, etc. No doubts, the admission committee will keep this information confidential. Still, if you decide to tell about it in your admission essay, keep in mind that a number of different people will potentially be reading your paper.

Tell why the college/university you are entering is great

The admission officers should see you are interested in the campus programs. If they do, you will certainly get more chances to be accepted. So, in your admission essay, tell what programs you have attended, and what impressed you most of all.

Finally, remember how important essay editing is. So, check your admission essay several times before you hand it in.

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