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How to Formulate a Thesis Statement


What is a thesis statement? Every essay should have main idea as well as a thesis statement. The thesis statement is a main sentence expressing the main idea of college essay. It is a sentence that brings a focus on position of the writer on the main idea of your essay topics. Thesis statement consists of one or two sentences and is placed at the end of the introduction paragraph. Don't write it in the middle of the paragraph or at the end of the essay. Thesis statement is a very important aspect of essay writing process. While reading a thesis statement, your reader must understand what is he or she may expect from the essay. So, your task is to formulate a thesis statement in the best way. Thesis statement should be clear and specific as possible. Avoid indefinite words and do not start thesis statement writing with the words like this: 'The main idea of my essay is'. It should present the main ideas of the essay and comment your position. A good thesis sentence should contain you main argument.

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At the beginning of brainstorming activity you should clarify the topic of an essay. The topic shouldn't be too general or too narrow. Secondary sources will help you to avoid such a mistake. It means that you should go to the library and find out information related to your hypothetical topic, or you consult with your adviser. Formulating a thesis, be sure that your reader understands exactly what you mean. The thesis statement should uncover the position you will take in relation to that topic. While writing thesis statement, avoid generalizations. The thesis statement should be understandable and to the point.

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Your essay should be interesting. The best way to make it interesting is to make it controversial. Don't try to prove something that is already given. Your essay topic must be meaningful, don't make it pointless. Once thesis statement is written, check whether you can make a counterargument to disprove it. The process of thinking about the thesis statement will take more that an hour. It isn't the first thing you should do, though. Prior to writing it, you have to collect and organize information and only then you should develop the thesis statement on the chosen topic. Remember that your thesis needs to show your conclusions reached in the result of essay writing.

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