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Thesis Statement Construction


While writing a thesis statement, you should start with the determination of your personal point of view. It should be one sentence placed at the end of the essay introduction. While writing thesis statement you need to follow two rules: firstly, make sure that thesis statement is workable and clear; secondly, writing an essay your task is to make thesis statement similar to guide. When choosing material for English essay writing, be sure that information you have gathered supports thesis statement beyond doubt. If your thesis statement serves like a guide, the possibility to go far away from the essay subject comes to naught.

Writing good thesis statement begins with the choice of essay topic that must not be too broad or too narrow. For example, you were asked to write an essay about pollution. This topic is undoubtedly too broad for your essay writing unless you are fifth grade student. You need to take a solid position, to focus on one problem, to limit your topic to specific aspect and research it. Now it is time to write a thesis statement. While writing thesis statement you should declare your position. A strong thesis statement must be valid. To validate it you must argue it in the body. The purpose of argumentation is to persuade the reader in author's position. Its final goal is to convince the reader in the truth of proposed thesis statement, inducing the audience to accept the given thesis statement. Arguments are brought to support your points of view. Arguing declared thesis statement, without rejection the notion of truth and goodness, is the core foundation of persuasion¬Ě and acceptance.

Thesis Statement Writing

Thesis statement is one of the elements of proof, assertion, and truth which are justified by the gathered evidence. A good thesis statement must meet the following rules:

  1. English thesis statement has to be formulated clearly and accurately. Observance of this rule cautions against uncertainty and ambiguity in the evidence of the chosen thesis statement. Sometimes, it looks like writing college essay students prove something, but it is not clear what the students wants to prove, the tutor cannot understand it because of thesis statement. Sometimes the ambiguity of the poor thesis statement leads to fruitless conclusions.
  2. Effective thesis statement should remain the same throughout the whole paper writing. Violation of the rule leads to error that is called substitution of the thesis statement. To avoid such mistake, think carefully about alternative thesis statement. Determine your specific position and express it in your thesis statement writing. Help

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