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How to Construct a Thesis Statement


Constructing a thesis statement means that you need to organize information around the main idea. The thesis statement should be written in one sentence or in several consecutive sentences. The thesis statement usually appears at the end of the first paragraph of academic essay. The thesis statement is a sentence that identifies the purpose of essay writing or previews its main ideas. The thesis statement of your essay tells the reader about your understanding of the problem importance you're going to discuss. It tells the reader what to expect from the rest of the essay. Thesis statement should be easily identifiable. You should keep in mind that thesis should be a statement because only statements make propositions, ideas which can be asserted and supported. It should be only the statement: simple, declarative sentence which makes a proposition in which the writer asserts something about the topic. If the writer has not defined the thesis clearly, the writer would not know which arguments to support.  Remember that thesis statement writing is not the first thing you should do. Prior to writing a thesis statement, you need to develop an argument on essay topic, collect and analyze information.

Thesis Statement Writing

Good thesis statement must be well-supported. If you want your essay to be effective you must provide both evidence and valid arguments good enough to satisfy the skeptical reader. Support is the basis upon which the writer builds rational appeal. You should demonstrate knowledge of the subject matter. Finally, you should understand the difference between a tentative and a definitive thesis. A tentative thesis is a thesis that you write at the early stage of the essay writing process. Tentative thesis will help you develop your essay by suggesting ideas and strategies that you use in the in the body of academic essay. The tentative thesis serves as a guide for developing argumentation in the essay. Then, after you collected supporting materials, arranged and rearranged it, your tentative thesis turns into definitive thesis. Definitive thesis is a final thesis. At this stage of the writing process, you state different purposes: to discover new ideas beyond what you have already learned, to create something that comes from your research. You must keep in mind that a good thesis statement makes a good essay. While writing a thesis statement, remember that your thesis needs to show your conclusions about topics raised throughout the essay.

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