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How to Choose an Essay Topic?


You, as a high school or college student, may have no choice of essay topic.  In this case, you need to think about the type of essay you have to write and decide whether you need to provide the topic overview or to analyze the specific aspect of the topic.  Make sure that your essay topic is not very general.  For example, topic Indonesia is a general topic and you need to narrow it to something like Cultural Heritage of Indonesia.

How to Choose an Essay Topic: No Defined Topic

If the choice of essay topic is left to you, it does not mean that you may write an essay about anything you want.  It is important to select the topic which is relevant to your field of study and is of interest to you.  First, define the purpose of essay writing:  persuasive, informative, or educative.  Second, write down all of your ideas about the possible topics.  Third, evaluate each choice for its appropriateness, think about the essay purpose and your knowledge of the topic. 

How to Choose an Essay Topic: Format

Once the essay topic is chosen, you are ready to start writing an essay.  The first step to make is to create an essay outline.  Then, start looking for the materials.  Important!  Be careful with referencing all of the materials (cited and consulted)!  Focus on reliable sources such as journal and magazine articles, book, and publications.  Avoid using internet as the main source of information.  You essay should be divided into sections:  introduction, body, and conclusion.  Introductory part should contain the thesis statement (the aspect of the topic you are going to analyze).  Body should have at least three paragraphs related to essay topic (each contributing to the topic coverage).  Conclusion should be the restatement of introduction.

Argumentative Essay Topics

If you are writing an argumentative essay, you have a huge choice of topics.  However, try not to select such topics as abortion, gay rights, gun control, freedom of speech, women's rights (glass ceiling), cloning, stem cell research, and so on.  Write your essay about new topic, such as war in Iraq, terrorism, globalization, the United Nations, or similar.

Narrative Essay Topics

While writing a narrative essay, you may choose one of the following topics:  situation from childhood, recent event overview, friendship, first exam, solving the dilemma, and first success.  The narrative essay should be written from the first person and you are not restricted by style, format, or topic.

Custom Essay Writing

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