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History Essay


The key to good history essay writing to stay focused on the specific topic or issue you need to cover.  For example, if you are writing a cold war history essay, you need to narrow the topic to a specific issue, or to provide a general overview of cold war.  You need to develop a clear thesis statement and, I strongly recommend, to show it to your tutor.  He might give you useful advice on how to improve your thesis and provide a direction for research.  History essay writing is based on thinking about the topic, on extensive reading, and analysis of the information you have read  Moreover, you need to develop a clear line of reasoning, think over the essay structure, and ensure logical flow of ideas.

History Essay Topics

Despite of the topic you need to research, you have to use a wide range of secondary sources.  Make sure to reference all of the used and consulted sources thoroughly.  Take into account that different historians offer different interpretation of the same events.  Therefore, you need to be careful with using only reliable articles based on factual information.  If your history essay lacks structure, it is the first sign of poor planning.  Thus, prior to writing an essay, develop an outline even if it is not required by the tutor.  Outline helps to structure your ideas better and ensure logical flow of thoughts.  In addition, always proofread and edit your own writing.  Even if the structure is logical and well-planned, but essay is full of grammar and style mistakes, your grade will be lowered.

History essays have to be informative and descriptive.  If you make a statement, always provide a specific example to support your assumption.  History essay should contain clear cause and effect elements:  X has happened because Y¦ Usually, there are many reasons why X has happened, therefore, conduct a research to collect supporting details. In addition, if you do not agree with interpretation of a historian, you are encouraged to present your own point of view.  Be careful to support your arguments!

English Essay Writing

English essays often fail because students produce them within a day or two prior to deadline.  If you think that professor will not notice that your history essay was written in rush, you will be surprised to get a grade much lower than you expected.  What do you do when you have an essay due but have no time?  You take popular encyclopedia article, and paraphrase it.  Right?  Most of the students follow this pattern.  Pay attention to the topic and do not include information which is not related to it.

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