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Help to Write a Research Paper First Draft


Once the notes are taken and outline is created, you are ready to start writing a research paper.  As you already know, the topic selection is one of the most important step of writing a research paper:  you may generate research paper topic ideas while looking through your textbook or find numerous controversial research paper topics on internet.  The most challenging task is writing a research paper multigenre.  Do not be afraid to make mistakes and express your ideas freely.  First draft is only the first step towards creating a good research paper.  You will correct all mistakes and do necessary adjustments while proofreading and re-writing the research paper later.

Help to Write a Research Paper: Topic Ideas

Research paper topic ideas can be expressed in rough outline:  do not care about the outline format or presentation style.  At this stage of research paper writing process, you want to outline the main ideas as the foundation for further research.  Make sure you list supportive points under each idea.  Go back to your sources and if you cannot find supportive information for your research paper, replace this idea with another.  Keep in mind that each paragraph should have its own idea related to thesis statement.

RHelp to Write a Research Paper: Writing Steps

This is how research paper rough draft should be written:  take a look at your outline and select one point, read thesis statement, review ideas listed under this point, look through sources, write down a paragraph, document borrowed ideas, re-read the paragraph, and eliminate unnecessary information.  Do not forget to reference all ideas you take from outside sources!  If you fail to reference sources while writing a research paper rough draft, it will be very difficult for you to locate page in the source you used.  Just imagine, you have found a very interesting idea in a book with 500 pages, used it while writing a research paper without referencing, and when editing a research paper you recall the need to cite the source.  How will you find the page with borrowed idea in a book with 500 pages?  To avoid facing such situation, reference the sources while writing!

Help to Write a Research Paper: Service

Keep in mind that introduction and conclusion of research paper should be written last.  As you already know, thesis statement should be written prior to outline creation and information gathering.  While writing research paper introduction, underline thesis statement and make sure each point you write is related to it.  Conclusion should be somehow related to introduction:  try to re-state ideas raised in introduction and conclude with recommendation for future research. Writing the first draft requires a lot of concentration and good organizational skills.  You do not want to feel lost in all of your notes and citations. You are welcome to ask writers working at to assist you with any assignment including research paper writing, coursework drafting, dissertation creation, and term paper composing.  We know that time is very important to you and we guarantee 100% refund for the missed deadlines.  Do not lose this opportunity to advance your academic performance without any efforts, order research paper

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