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Harvard Style Bibliography


If your tutor has requested usage of Harvard system bibliography to reference sources in your term essay or research paper, you will find the below article interesting and useful.  Below are the samples of in-text citations, reference list format, etc.  Here you will learn how to make a bibliography and find bibliography format example.

If you are working on any type of academic assignment (term paper, research paper, coursework, or dissertation), you cannot avoid using outside secondary resources because you need to support your points with facts.  If you are writing a paper on a person, you need to create Leonard Cohen bibliography, for example, because you will use many articles and publications to develop your paper.  Neither you nor we know Leonard Cohen's life good enough to create a good research paper about him without using information.

Harvard Style Bibliography Example

Bibliography list under Harvard system bibliography is titled 'References' and should be presented at the end of your term paper and include sources you have referred to or cited in text.  Bibliography entries should be arranged alphabetically by author's last names.  If you have cited more than one publication by the same author, entries are arranged by date (starting with the earliest). Use only author's initials and do not apply stops or spaces between initials.  Title of the book, journal and newspaper should be italicized.  Journal articles and book chapters should be put in quotation marks.  Each element of citation is separated by comma, while the whole citation ends with a full stop.

To reference a book in Harvard system bibliography, follow the below example:

Last name, Initials, date of publication, title, place of publication, publisher. Harvard bibliography sample (Book):  Brodery, TR (2007), How to make a bibliography, New York, Jefferson Press. In-text citation sample (Book):  Students do not possess enough information about proper citation styles (Brodery 2007). 

To reference a journal article in Harvard system bibliography, follow the below example: Last name, Initials year of publication, 'title', journal name, volume, issue, page(s). Harvard bibliography sample (journal article):  Nickolson, BF 2006, 'Why cheating is prohibited', International Academic Journal, vol. 23, no. 1, pp. 23-24. In-text citation sample (journal article):  Cheating is ethically wrong because one student benefits from work done by another student (Nickolson 2006). 

To reference a newspaper article, follow the below example: Last name, Initials year, 'title', newspaper name, day month, page(s).  Harvard bibliography sample (newspaper article):  Smiley, KJ 2000, 'Principles of microeconomics', Economy Today, 23 May, p. 33. In-text citation sample (newspaper article):  The main principles of microeconomics have changed significantly over the last ten years (Smiley 2000).

Free Harvard Style Bibliography

Above are only three examples of Harvard style bibliography entries.  There are a lot of different sources you may use: books by multiple authors, encyclopedia articles, interviews, movies, internet publications, databases, etc.  Every type of the sources has its own referencing peculiarities.  Ordering custom research paper, the bibliography list is completed for you at no cost. will ensure the proper usage of any citation style you request.

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