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Guidelines for Essay Paragraphing


The charm of English essay writing is that you can write on any topic and it can be written in any style. Your English essay is your reflection concerning some information you've heard or you've read. In the forefront of each essay is the personality of the author, his thoughts, feeling, and his attitude to the world. They are the main elements of English essay writing. However, you should remember that it is difficult to write a good essay even if you have the freedom of creation.

Essay Paragraphing

  1. Start your essay with the notes of your answers on previous questions.
  2. Organize your ideas: make a plan, for example:
  3. Paragraph 1: Introduction. Try to draw attention of the reader by means of interesting topic, unusual information. Formulate the main idea at the beginning of English essay

    Paragraph 2,3,4: The body of your essay. Give the argument for supporting your main ideas. Try to give concrete examples from your own life. You can write about your family, your country, about the person you're admired.

    Conclusion. Repeat once more your main idea. Make connection between conclusion and introduction of the English essay.

    Try to use persuasive and sincere tone, it shouldn't be very official or colloquial. In any case, your style should reflect your individuality.

  4. Try to get exactness. Don't be general but quotient. Don't say simple: 'I have always loved philosophy', - name the philosopher which impressed you the most.
  5. Avoid general world and false emotion while writing English essay.

Guidelines for Essay Paragraphing

There are some basic principles to essay paragraphing.

  1. A new paragraph should be started from the new line. Choose specific style and follows it throughout your English essay.
  2. One sentence is not a paragraph in academic writing. An average paragraph should be between 4 and 7 sentences long. Introductions and conclusions particularly tend to be shorter than the other paragraphs in your English essay.
  3. Paragraphing make your essay easier for your reader to grasp.
  4. A paragraph contains a certain volume of information. Each paragraph of your English essay should therefore present new information so that you are not repeating yourself.
  5. Each paragraph should have a single point that is developed with some or all of the following: examples, quotations, references, definitions, explanations.

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