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Graduate Coursework


A graduate coursework normally has to follow this coursework format:

  • title page;
  • table of contents;
  • introduction;
  • text main body;
  • conclusions;
  • endnotes;
  • bibliography;
  • appendices.

The graduate coursework should be well structured according to the logic of the research and its major target. The structure is represented in the table of contents. All the structural parts of the coursework should be titled. The titles play a very important role in the coursework writing. They should give the idea of the topic and support the thesis statement. An effective title should present the topic and show how the topic is developed in the English coursework.  Introduction is an important part of any graduate coursework writing. It outlines the information of the topic. It explains why the topic has been chosen for exploration. The introduction of graduate coursework should formulate the problem in its theoretical and practical aspects, and include the aim of coursework writing.

The text of the main body is a written detailed presentation of the coursework. It should be well organized and logically structured. The text of the main body develops and supports the coursework statement. A graduate coursework consists of three chapters. Each chapter is normally subdivided into two or three paragraphs.

Conclusion is a sort of graduate coursework summary. It includes the main findings and generalizations. It outlines the results of the research, so there should be no new facts, figures, concepts, etc. Conclusion can be accompanied by recommendations. The coursework must be free of plagiarism. Whenever facts, figures, statistical tables, concepts, models, viewpoints, citations are used in the text, the reference is to be made. You must name the source of information and the author of the theory, model, concept, etc. It is prohibited to copy someone's text without referring the origin. Please, notice that quotation must not be too long, just a couple of sentences.  Bibliography represents an alphabetic list of information sources. There should be not less than 15 entries in the Bibliography. Be sure the list includes the recently issued books and articles. Textbooks and manuals are not very welcomed in the Bibliography. As a rule, theoretical books go first in the Bibliography, then the articles, afterward - statistical publications, finally - Internet sources. In this case the alphabetic order should be kept within each part of the Bibliography. In the Bibliography the exact page from which quotation was made is not mentioned.

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