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Geography Dissertation


A university dissertation is the biggest piece of writing that you have to complete during your studies. It may seem frightening but you are well prepared to face the challenge. Writing a geography dissertation is a great chance for you to demonstrate your knowledge acquired during the past two and a half years. What is more, after having written your dissertation, you will be better prepared for your future job, as the skills of analyzing and synthesizing material will be of great help when you start your career. Well, in this article you will find some useful tips to help you choose topic for your geography dissertation.

Choosing a Geography Dissertation Topics

  • Going to a distant place. When you choose your topic, the idea of going to a distant place to gather evidence for your dissertation may come to your mind. It is very interesting to develop a project, when you are in a place and can investigate everything by yourself. Still, keep in mind the issues of costs, as working at home will surely be cheaper. It is not reasonable to take a topic related to some exotic country, as there are many unanswered questions, which you can investigate from home. There are several constrains connected with language difficulty, matter of safety etc. In any case, going to a distant place to write your geography dissertation can be a very interesting and exciting challenge to face.
  • Being specific. Try to be specific. Firstly, choose an area you are interested in and then make your topic as narrow as possible. For example, if you decide to study large-scale erosion lands of Great Britain, this topic will surely be too large for the scope of you geography dissertation.
  • Preliminary reading. Check whether you will be able to find the necessary volume of material, such as maps, literature, and statistical data to write your dissertation.
  • Consulting the staff. Consult the staff to make sure that your topic is appropriate, and they will be ready to supervise your dissertation. Do not delay the first meeting with your supervisor.

Do Not Forget About Dissertation Writing Aims

Of course, choosing a topic for your geography dissertation may be quite time-consuming, as you do not only have to think about your particular aims, but also have some preliminary reading. Do not make the process of choosing your topic for too long, avoid changing your topic in order not to waste precious time.  We hope that this paper will help you to choose a topic for your geography dissertation.

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