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Geography Coursework


Geography coursework writing starts with the development of hypothesis to be investigated.  Hypothesis, similar to the thesis statement in research papers, is the assumption you need to prove.  While thinking about the geography coursework hypothesis, try to choose the topic which is of interest to you and is related to your field of study.  Show the chosen hypothesis to your tutor, he might advise you on how to find the resources and how to plan the writing process.

Geography Coursework: Introduction

Even though it is advised to write the coursework introduction at the end of the writing process, we believe that the preliminary composition of introductory part will help you to structure your coursework better.  Make sure to include the following elements:  the overview of the geographical theme, hypothesis statement, reasons why the topic has been chosen, the coursework keywords, thorough description of the geographical location (use map to show the area), and a brief overview of the information you will collect.  Important note, the coursework topics have to be related to your field of study!

Geography Coursework:  Methods

It is strongly advised to plan the field trip.  To be able to complete the investigation, you need to have the clear vision of information you need to collect.  Use as many information gathering techniques as possible, rely both on primary and secondary materials.  Geography coursework writing should include at least four of the following techniques:  questionnaire, pedestrian count, bi polar analysis, attractiveness survey, photographs.  Make sure to describe how each piece of information was gathered and explain why the specific methods were applied.

Geography Coursework:  Presentation

While writing a coursework, be very careful with presenting the results.  This section should not contain your interpretation of the results.  Present gathered information in tables, maps, graphs, or diagrams.

Geography Coursework:  Interpretation 

This coursework section is fun to write because you are welcome to describe what the result indicate.  Try to find the patterns shown in results, and explain what they might mean. Identify the links between the collected data and results. Analyze how the results fit into the initial theory. 

Geography Coursework:  Conclusion, Evaluation, and Referencing

Coursework conclusion is the summary of the results and hypothesis-related decision.  You should give reasons why hypothesis is accepted.  Evaluation section should be the description of coursework's contribution to the already published information on the topic.  Important note, all of the sources you used, consulted, quoted or cited have to be fully referenced at the end of the coursework.  Moreover, the bibliography should be written in accordance to the format specified by the tutor.

Geography Coursework Writing Help

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