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GCSE Coursework


While writing GCSE coursework you should hold the specific coursework format. The text should be organized in accordance with the Contents. The titles in the table of contents and in the text should be the same. Title - hierarchy should be used to show the subordination of the GCSE coursework parts. For example, the Title of the coursework (on the front page) is made in font 16 (bold), titles of the chapters (in the main text) - in font 14(bold), titles of the subunits (in the main text) - font 12-13(bold). In the table of contents the font for units and subunits can be the same. While writing a coursework the word 'chapter' can be included or omitted, depending on the requirements of your tutor.

GCSE Coursework Writing

GCSE coursework may include statistical tables, different drawings and logical schemes. If the illustrative material on the coursework is too extensive, it is better to locate at least some part of it in the Appendices. Only the most important and persuasive illustrations should be kept in GCSE coursework main body text. Wherever the illustration is located, it should be titled, enumerated, and referenced (source of information should be given). Table name should be given above the table; figure name is generally given below the drawing. Coursework writing requires a table or a graph to be located as closely as possible to its first mentioning in the text. Relate the illustration to the text by referring to it by figure number. Any illustration requires: an introduction which explains its necessity, comments which explain what it is about, and a conclusion.

Coursework Writing

All sources of information used in the text are listed in the Endnotes in the order of referring to them. All the endnotes in your GCSE coursework writing have to be enumerated. The corresponding figures are given as superscripts in the text of the coursework. A book, article, statistical source, etc., may be referred to more than once. Besides the documentary endnotes that identify sources of quoted material you can include explanatory notes that give additional explanation and comments to some facts, figures or theoretical issues mentioned in the coursework. Explanatory notes should be brief; otherwise it is better to place them in an appendix.

Plagiarism is strictly forbidden. If any cheating is noticed, your GCSE coursework will be annulled. Absence of the Endnotes is equivalent to plagiarism. If you can not reproduce orally and explain any part of coursework writing, for example, an algebraic formula, a graph, a theoretical model, etc., this is also considered to be a sort of plagiarism. Write only what you understand and can repeat.

Coursework Help

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