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How to Write a Five Paragraph Analytical Essay


Are you sick and tired of writing lots of essays? You have a lot of other tasks to do, but instead you are stuck with your new assignment? You do not know how to write five paragraph analytical essays and just cannot get started? Well, in this paper you will find some useful ideas on how to write five paragraph analytical essay.

How to write five paragraph analytical essays. Tip #1

In any essay structure is very important. You may not know the text or the subject perfectly, but if you can organize your thoughts in a proper way, it will surely bring you some additional points and will make your essay sound quite professional. In a five-paragraph essay the first part should be given to an introduction. Do not make it too long, usually three to five sentences is enough. The biggest part of your essay are paragraphs  two, three and four. They should contain the development of the main idea of your essay writing , supported by strong analysis. Well, and the last part is the conclusion.

How to write five paragraph analytical essays. Tip #2

Writing your essay, keep in mind the main points you have to analyze. If it is supposed to be a stylistic analysis of a text, all you have to do is analyze stylistic devices, e.g. metaphor, litotes etc. That means, do not try to demonstrate your immense skills and knowledge in Literature just because you want to impress your teacher.

How to write five paragraph analytical essays. Tip #3

Well, after you have created essay outline and you know what you are going to write about, it is the right time to think about some additional devices that will add a zest to your essay. Of course, it would be good if by this time you have already developed your unique writing style. But even if you have not, we shall give you some recommendations which will make your essay sound special. First of all, it is a good idea to find an appropriate epigraph, which will convey the main idea of your essay. Then, try to use citations of some other authors whose works are related to your topic. It is not that difficult to find some appropriate quotes, but using them you will create an impression of being a very knowledgeable person.

Well, we hope now you know moreabout how to write five paragraph analytical essays. These recommendations will help you irrespectively of the task you are assigned.

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