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Free Persuasive Essay


When students have to write a persuasive essay, most of them do not think about the risk of plagiarized essays and download a free persuasive essay, giving such arguments as they spend less money and time for getting it in such a way. Maybe it is true from one hand, but it may be wrong from the other hand, especially, when an instructor sees plagiarism in your essay (not a couple of lines but the whole essay), you will get an F and suspension. In this article, we will touch upon such a delicate topic as a free persuasive essay.

What Is A Free Persuasive Essay?

By nature, students do not think a lot what it is and they have to deal with a wide range of problems because of their ignorance. Therefore, let us think what qualities it has and let us analyze a free persuasive essay:

  • It is an “ESSAY” from the start; therefore, it should be no more than 8 pages, no less than 50 words. It should have right structure and formatting. You should present information in the form of discussion, explanation and conclusion over the results in an essay, as it is a short literary composition, which deals with a subject analytically or speculatively.
  • It is “PERSUASIVE”, therefore it is intended to persuade a reader in something you know very good or have checked by a research. You may use all means of persuasion, such as rhetorical questions, calls, warnings, explanations, presenting other points of view, etc. here you need to present only up-to-date information and statistics, all data should be relevant and of several last years. Use references and citations, which are not older than 2000, unless your research requires you to dig out the outmoded information or historical data.
  • It is “FREE”, therefore you should be careful. Two above stated descriptions are completely safe for discussion; this one requires you to be attentive in using free persuasive essay. The first question, which should be born in your head is “Why is it free?”. Do you really think that someone writes them free of charge? Of course, not, there are some people, who work for charitable causes; however, it is a problematic question whether they work to provide a student with a free persuasive essay.

How Is Free Persuasive Essay Born?

  • The source is another site. It may be site of any kind: writing, entertaining, blogs and forums, etc. However, it has some changes in the structure and presenting information. Actually, the result is a PLAGIARIZED free persuasive essay.
  • Some sites make their custom essays available after some time and everybody may download your essay. However, the verdict is also PLAGIARIZED.
  • There can be many essays, which you download from several sites; however, they are rather the same, having some changes in sentence order, synonymic range, etc. It is done by machines, which do not follow the semantic accuracies in writing.

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