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Free Paper Editing Guide


The first step of paper editing is reading the paper aloud.  Analyze whether your paper makes sense and whether the main points are clearly analyzed.  Ask your friend to read your paper and say whether it is easy to understand.  If the answer is 'no', you need to start editing a paper.

Free Paper Editing Guide: Research Paper

Research paper editing should be done in several steps.  Pay attention to the content, overall structure, paragraphing, clarity, style, and citations.  In particular, you need to make sure that your research paper meets the assignment requirements and research objectives.  All claims should be accurate and arguments complete.  While editing a research paper, take a look at introduction and conclusion:  clear thesis should be stated in the paper introduction, each paragraph should be related to topic, and conclusion should be the logical closing of the research paper.

While editing academic paper, answer the following questions:

  • Is there topic sentence in each paragraph?
  • Are there any missing sentences?
  • Is the meaning of each sentence understandable?
  • Is the purpose of research clear?
  • Have you used a formal tone?
  • Did you prove the hypothesis?
  • Have you cited all of the used sources properly?
  • Have you put citations in correct referencing format?

Paper editing helps you to eliminate style, grammar, punctuation, and other mistakes which may not be obvious to you at the first glance.  It is strongly advised to set the first draft aside for several days and then read it again.  You may find unnecessary sentences or change the paper structure.

Free Paper Editing Guide: Content

Editing paper content is the most important step of editing process.  In particular, paper conclusion should be the conclusion, not mere summary, it should refer back to introduction and lead the paper to logical ending.  While editing a paper pay attention to the arrangement of ideas, the reader should see the logical sequence of idea presentation.  Make sure you used transitions between sentences and paragraphs.  Is you paper interesting to read?

Free Paper Editing Guide: Tips on Editing

  1. decide on the editing medium (some of the students prefer editing paper in printed copy while others prefer working on computer)
  2. change the look of the paper (change the size, style, and spacing)
  3. editing should be done in a quiet place (concentrate and avoid distraction)

Paper Editing Service

Editing is an important step of paper writing process.  Most of the students ignore the value of editing and, as the result, the grade of the assignment is lowered.  If you have no time to edit the paper, or do not know how to start editing, you are welcome to editing service.  The professional editor will make sure that your paper is free of mistakes, catches the attention of the reader, is interesting and coherent, and has clear structure and logical arrangement.  Entrust your paper to our editors and you will be pleasantly impressed with the result.

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