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Footnotes and Endnotes


You have to reference all sources you have used for essay writing.  If you do not give a proper credit to the authors, your paper will be marked as plagiarized and you will get zero for your essay.  In addition to creating a bibliography list, you have to provide in-text citations.  In-text citations can be presented in three forms: parenthetic, footnotes, and endnotes.  You have to consult your tutor before choosing the citation format.

What are footnotes?  Footnote is used to reference the source as well as to explain and to comment on your idea.  Footnote consists of two sections:  reference mark and text note.  Typically, the number marks are added, deleted, and moved automatically.  Footnote can be of any length and format, however, you should keep in mind that referencing footnote should not exceed two lines in length.  In addition, the footnote should be written in smaller font. What are endnotes? Endnotes consist of the same elements as footnotes.  Moreover, footnotes and endnotes should have the same format.  Footnotes should be presented at the bottom of the essay page, while endnotes should be placed at the end of the essay, prior to bibliography list.

Footnotes and Endnotes: How to Make

Thus, the only difference between footnote and endnote is the place of reference.  Moreover, you can use both endnotes and footnotes in the same essay.  For example, endnotes can be used for detailed comments, while footnotes can be used for sources citations.  Footnotes and endnotes are required to accredit the sources listed in the bibliography section.  Thus, the reader should be able to find the exact page in the source from which the information has been taken.  To insert the footnote or endnote, you need to click on the place where you want to add a note reference.  Then, select Footnote or Endnote on the Insert menu, choose the numbering format, and click ok.  Now you can type the note text.

Footnotes MLA style: The footnotes format is determined by the citation style required by the tutor.  For example, if you have to reference sources in accordance to MLA style, the footnotes should be formatted in MLA style as well.  Footnote MLA style sample:  first name of the author, last name of the author, title, (place of publication:  publisher, year) page number.  Footnote MLA style example:  John Wise, How to Write a Good Essay (New York:  DaVinchi Publishers, 2007) 443.

Endnotes APA style:  Endnotes should be also written in accordance to the referencing format required by the tutor.  Endnote APA style sample: first name of the author, last name of the author, title (place of publication, publisher, year), page number.  Endnote APA style example:  John MacGillon, What is Custom Essay (London, Routledge Press, 2007), p. 223.

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