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Five Paragraph Essay: Useful Tips


A famous Chinese proverb says: “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step”. This piece of wisdom can be applied to many spheres of life, and it is no doubt topical when you set to writing your five paragraph essay! Well, you will agree that the most difficult about any job is to start. A good beginning makes a good end, but how to make this good beginning, if you do not have a slightest notion what to write about? Well, in this paper you will find some useful tips, prepared for you by people who have written hundreds of essays on various topics.

Five Paragraph Essay: Tip #1

Stick to the topic. No mater what you have to write about in your five paragraph essay, keep your topic in mind. Sometimes students can get lost in depths of thoughts and ideas, so check if all your sentences serve one aim - to develop your topic.

Five Paragraph Essay: Tip #2

Mind the proportion! When writing your five paragraph essay, keep in mind that the introductory part and conclusion should make about one third of the whole essay in volume. That means, do not make your introduction too big. It is a good idea to start with some general information about your subject, then in the main part you will be able to become more specific and speak on details. Moreover, do not make your conclusion too laconic, try to make it sound solid and argumentative.

Five Paragraph Essay: Tip #3

Facts, facts, facts! Whatever you write about in your five paragraph essays, you should sound a real expert in your field. Well, paragraphs 2, 3 and 4 of your five paragraph essay must contain facts and arguments relevant to your topic. These paragraphs will build up the main part of your essay.

Five Paragraph Essay: Tip #4

Sound special. May be, you have not developed your special writing style yet, but try to make use of some stylistic devices. They will add color to your paper. Do not forget to use citations, they will not only demonstrate your knowing of the text to the teacher, but will make your five paragraph essay more vivid.

Well, we are sure that these simple recommendations will help you through numerous five paragraph essays which you have ahead. Nothing venture, nothing have, so start writing as soon as you have the picture of your essay in mind!

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