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Expository Essay


Expository essay is about giving the reader information about something, about explaining something difficult.  Expository essay can be persuasive, explanatory, or informative.  Expository Essay aims at giving the reader enough information about the subject; you, as an expository essay writer, need to support your assumptions and opinions with facts and to explain topic in detail by analyzing and discussing it.

Expository Essay

Expository essay should contain the following elements:

  • Clear thesis statement presented in opening paragraph
  • Supporting points in the body
  • Topic sentences opening each paragraph and relating to thesis statement
  • Headers and transition words dividing and uniting your ideas
  • Concluding paragraph reinforcing thesis statement

While writing 5 paragraph expository essay, follow the below pattern: 

  • Select narrow topic
  • Compose a thesis statement
  • Select research method
  • Create outline
  • Write topic sentences for each paragraph
  • Draft introduction
  • Write body
  • Furnish conclusion
  • Revise, proofread and edit

Expository essay does not require critical thinking skills, however, it is always encouraged to think first and then write.  Analyze your topic, think about the expectations of the tutor and academic requirements, revise your writing several times.  It is vital to have clear purpose in mind:  think about the challenges assignment poses.  Expository essay can be descriptive (science-related):  you need to provide background information of the process or thing either in chronological or hierarchical format.  Your assignment can have explanatory purpose:  find out the reasons and causes related to results and effects (common for social science assignments when you need to apply theoretical knowledge to real examples).  Expository essay can be of illustrative content (support theories with examples).  Finally, your paper can be analytical (discuss patterns in relation to theoretical position).

In conclusion, expository essays are assigned to evaluate ability of students to demonstrate their understating of the specific topic.  For example, you may be required to analyze video game violence from different perspectives.  Alternatively, you may trace relationship between video game violence and bullying at school.  You can freely used such words as 'for example', 'because', and 'characteristics'.  Even when the topic is too narrow, strive to find interesting aspects to cover.  Your tutor would appreciate getting an expository essay which is different from the rest and interesting to read.

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