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Exploratory Essay


Exploratory essay writing starts with research.  Sometimes you may have no idea about topic peculiarities until you read a couple of articles.  Thus, while writing an exploratory essay you learn about the topic yourself.  The purpose of exploratory essay is to contribute to the existing information on the topic?  For example, if you writing an exploratory essay on HPV vaccine, you need to investigate HPV vaccine and inform the reader about it in as much detail as possible. 

Exploratory Essay Tips

  • Develop a topic question rather than thesis statement
  • Decide on the method:  in-process or retrospective
  • Chronicle research activities and results
  • Consider both strengths and weakness, be critical
  • Produce a synthesis of contraries

Thus, exploratory essay is very similar to research paper, however, the main emphasis should be made on learning rather than literature review.  Problem-posing strategy used for exploratory essay writing can be also applied in other types of academic writing such as term papers, coursework, and especially dissertations.  Make sure you reference all sources used for paper completion!  MLA format is the most suitable referencing style for exploratory essays because it gives the reader an opportunity to locate specific pages in sources you used.  You should strive to make your writing interesting and easy to read.  You are encouraged to provide your own personal opinion, however, do not impose your point of view on the reader, provide supporting arguments.  The purpose is not to persuade but to inform.  Observations and stories should be converted into evidence, therefore, make references to relevant theories.  Finally, the tone of essay should be formal and structure should be logical.  Ensure smooth flow of ideas.

While picking a topic for research, select the one which is interesting and meaningful for you.  Thus, exploring the issue will be more entertaining.  Strive to present your ideas either chronologically or thematically.  Weight every idea and seek key assertions, include expert testimonies and multiple evidence.  The goal of exploratory essay is to pose an engaging problem, to show the development of your reasoning, to provide supporting arguments, and to explain the evidence.

Exploratory Essay: Custom Writing

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