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Essays about Good People Gone Bad


If you are writing an analytical essay about good people gone bad, you should pay attention to the following details.

Good People Gone Bad:  Statistics

The past few decades were marked with the impressive growth of criminal activities.  Does not mean that more good people become bad?  Every day we hear stories about violent crimes committed throughout the country. Our neighborhood is no longer a sage place to live; it is impossible to protect yourself against the robberies, assaults, and property thefts. According to the recent U.S. Conference of Mayors survey, 42% of American cities with the population over 500,000 people experience the unbelievable growth of crimes. While the increase in crimes is directly related to bad economic conditions, the psychological aspect of the issue should also be addressed.

Good People Gone Bad:  Employment

With thousands of people losing their jobs every day, the number of crimes is likely to increase even more. According to survey done by the National Retail Federation, there is an increase of 79% of employee theft compared to 2008. Such an increase has never been seen in U.S. You may develop this theme further in your essays about good people gone bad. You may also focus on economic instability, unemployment, poor living conditions, and the psychological trauma of people.  You may investigate the causes of increase in crimes and propose recommendations for policy change.

Good People Gone Bad:  Religion

You may also explore the topic from religious perspective and argue that good people become bad because of all the evil in the world. For example, you may refer to the number of wars throughout the globe, the increasing gap between the rich and the poor, etc.

Good People Gone Bad:  Format

Once the topic is chosen, you should draw your attention to the essay writing standards and formats. The first and the most important factor is proper format: introduction with thesis statement, main body with supporting points, and conclusion summing up the key ideas. In addition, you need to ensure proper formatting for a reference list and in-text citations.

Good People Gone Bad:  Help

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