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Essay Writing Techniques


If writing essays makes you throw up your hands and give up-then take heart because here are some useful essay writing techniques to guide you on to the right path and keep you there. One of the first  things you need to do before you can write a good essay is to organize your thoughts because clarity of thought results in clear well written essays.

Essay writing techniques

The first step to writing an essay is to get to know everything you can about the topic. And the way to do this is by researching all the prescribed sources as well as by reading all you can around the topic. Once you have done this, then it is time to organize your thoughts and plan the structure of your essay.

What is the most important point that you would like to make? Develop this in to your thesis statement. Writing an essay does not just happen- it takes a lot of hard work and a number of drafts.

  • First start with an outline
  • Next trace how one point interconnects with another
  • By drawing a diagram along with arrows.

Other useful essay writing techniques include drawing up a list of approximately 20 keywords and phrases, including definitions and other vital parameters for your essay. Next it becomes far easier to trace the interconnection between these ideas.

Build around a structure

Amongst the most important essay writing techniques is the art of writing your essay around a structure. Just like a house is made up of walls and a roof ; an essay is made up of parts. Start with an introductory paragraph that clarifies the thesis, body paragraphs that support it with solid evidence and a conclusion that reaffirms your argument.

Other essay writing techniques to keep in mind is to first write out the body paragraphs in order of importance while always expanding on these with solid concrete examples. It will then become considerably easier to write the introductory and concluding paragraphs that give the gist of what is to follow or what went before.

Advice for success…

Proof checking and editing are vital essay writing techniques to polish and perfect your essay. While doing this ensure that there is illogical flow with the use of phrases like:

  • Equally import
  • Keeping this in mind
  • In fact
  • Moreover

Keep these useful essay writing techniques in mind for ‘A’ grade essays.

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