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Essay Sentence Structure


Essay writing is the typical assignment at school and college.  To be able to write a good academic essay, you need to understand how sentences are structured.  Sentence consists of clauses:  groups of words.  Clauses can be independent (containing subject and verb) and dependent (containing subject and verb but cannot be standing as sentences).

Types of Sentences

There are three types of sentences:  simple, compound, and complex.  Simple sentence is one independent clause having one subject and one verb.  For example, the woman went to the parkCompound sentence consists of two independent clauses connected by conjunction.  For example, the woman went to the park for a walk, and the man went to the store to buy some milk.  Note, clauses are separated by comma in front of the conjunction. Complex sentence has one main clause and several dependent clauses.  For example, when woman went to the part, she forgot to take an umbrella.

Tips on Sentence Structure

Even if your essay presents good ideas, but the sentences are not properly structured, your essay will not get a good mark.  While writing an essay, pay special attention to:

  • Sentence fragments (fragment is not a sentence, it lacks subject or verb)
  • Fused sentences (no punctuation between the clauses, the sentence is too long, comma is placed in the wrong place, clauses are inappropriately joined)
  • Loose sentences (you used too many and, weak sentence construction, no order, no sequence)
  • Choppy sentences (short sentences without transitions) 
  • Excessive subordination
  • Parallel structure (preserve the same grammatical and structural principles in all sentence parts)

Essay Sentence Structures

In addition to the above rules, each sentence of your essay has to be related to the topic.  Each sentence has to contribute to the topic being discussed.  Avoid useless sentences without any meaning.  Moreover, each paragraph should start with the topic sentence.  Do not write too long or too short sentences.  On average, essay sentence should be 15-25 words long.

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