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Essay Outline


Essay outline (table of contents) is the organizational chart of your paper.  Just as construction manager cannot work on the skyscraper without blueprints, the writer cannot create a good essay without using outline.  Essay outline helps to plan the writing process and present the ideas logically.

Essay Outline Writing

Many students neglect outline for research paper writing.  Have you ever been in a situation when the whole essay is completed and you suddenly realize that some planning beforehand would help you to organize an essay in a better way?  Outline gives you the opportunity to think about essay before writing it.  Outline is the foundation of essay writing process and it minimizes the need for rewriting.

Essay Outline: How to Write

The rough outline does not have to be wide, try to keep it brief.  Outline points should not be more than one line each.  For example, if one of the essay ideas is that alcohol is harmful for teenagers because their bodies are still developing, outline point should be 'teenagers and alcohol'.  Outline writing allows you to see whether each paragraph fits the essay topic.  You can easily change the organizing of the paper and order of paragraphs.  Always keep in mind that each paragraph has to contribute to the essay argument.

Essay Outline: Elements

In addition to standard elements of outline (introduction, body, and conclusion), you should include sub-points.  For example, introduction should contain the well-developed thesis, body should include supporting facts and examples, while conclusion should resolve the thesis.  Be attentive to correct all grammatical and spelling errors in your essay!

Outline introduction:  Introductory part of your essay should contain the thesis statement, be interesting and attention-getting, and set the foundation for the essay.  Thesis statement should convey the purpose of essay writing and be used as the introductory outline point. 

Outline body:  Essay body constitutes the largest section of outline.  You have to include at least three supporting arguments.  For example, if your essay is about China, the body outline points may include history, culture, social life, politics, economy, and foreign relations.

Outline conclusion:  Essay conclusion should be the logical closure of paper.  Conclusion outline point should be presented with one sentence only.  Conclusion is the not the last element of outline, it should be followed by references and appendices.

Elements to avoid: If you introduction is only one sentence long, if there is no thesis statement, if you make general statements instead of facts, if conclusion is vague, if essay is full of errors distracting from fluency, your essay will be graded low despite of the outline quality.

Custom Essay Writing

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