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Let’s assume you are assigned to write an essay on the topic “Progress”. In this article, we will try to examine possible topics for progress essay writing. After reading these topics for essay example, you will understand the basic ideas how to develop any topic. The purpose of any essay examples is to help you imagine what academic essay is and how it should be written. So, let’s return to our essay example “Progress”:

  1. Progress means "moving forward", "success". The content of this concept was changing over time, and, at the same time, it could receive a different meaning.
  2. What is progress? What are the criteria for progress evaluation?
  3. Is it possible to measure progress as the process of development, elevation, and freeing of a man? Is it possible to measure progress as the expansion of freedom’s space?
  4. Is it possible to measure progress as the process of reducing the entropy?
  5. In science-fiction novels, there is such a post as "progressor". Progressors determine the index of one or another civilization progress. Can you invent a "formula of progress"?
  6. How about "interference" in progress such as speeding or stopping progress, monitoring the development of science and technology, social and political relations? Is it possible? Is it necessary?
  7. Is progress linear? Is the dynamics of progress changing, or it is chaotic?
  8. Is progress evolutionary or revolutionary?
  9. Are there limits of progress?
  10. How material, spiritual, scientific, social, cultural progresses are related to each other?
  11. What will be if we look at progress in terms of good and evil?
  12. Are there "citadels" of progress or, if we speak about the countries and civilizations, leading and led by progress? What countries are samples of progress: Russia? Japan? USA? Sweden? Maybe, Ethiopia?
  13. How to calculate the balance of positive and negative results of progress? Can we accept the assertion that the negative consequence of progress overpowers its positive results?
  14. Can progress be "reactionary"?

These points and many others can be highlighted by the students who were assigned to write an essay about the progress. You may also review other essay examples at our site!

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