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Nothing can ruin a well thought out, structured and conceived essay as much as spelling mistakes, bad grammar and punctuation. When one is absorbed in the actual process of analytical writing such typos can easily slip past our attention since one is focusing on getting the content and arguments right. But once you have completed your essay you need to check and recheck it for errors or to get yourself an essay editor.

Essay Editor: Things to Consider

The first and most obvious kind of essay editor within your easy reach is quite obviously the spell check option on your computer. Never hand in an essay till you have run it through the spell check. Many errors can also slip past your eye due to fatigue. If you have been up all night researching the net and writing out an essay then typos and the faulty use of different tenses as well as singular/plural use are more likely to slip by you.

Essay Editor: Spell-Check

In that case a spell-check is a good way to find an error that has slipped past. But here is words of caution, never, NEVER use the spell-check as your one and only essay editor option because spell checks do pick out errors and grammar mistakes but they are just not flawless. A spell-check cannot for instance pick out the difference between the different use of the word ‘their’ and ‘there’ to name just one instance. So always ensure that you read and reread your essay even after doing a spell-check because the best essay editor of all is you.

Essay Editing: Give Yourself a Break

But what if you are too tired after writing your essay. The probability of human error is more pronounced when you have not managed to get the bare minimum amount of sleep-so in that case you need to look for someone else to be your essay editor.

You can try to zero in on an essay editor from amongst your peer group-but make sure that you choose someone that has excellent English writing skills. It is really not a good idea to ask someone that has English as a second language to be your essay editor as you may not end up with an essay that reads flawlessly

Professional Essay Editor’s Services

You can also approach a professional academic writing site to act as your essay editor but do so only after checking on their track record and fee.

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