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English Profile Essay


English Profile Essay

The purpose of essay writing is to present the topic vividly and descriptive to your audience. Your role as a writer is to supply a well-defined perspective to support your topic, exemplify the presentation with details, and convey the specific narrow attitude towards the subject. You need to present a highly-personal perspective and try to attach the attention of the readers to your discussion. The profile essay is expressive, objective, and interesting. Writing a profile essay, you should strive to inform your readers about the subjects under discussion. Your profile essay should enrich the knowledge about the topic, you need to have a thorough understanding of the topic. Moreover, you need to present personal interpretation and attitude toward the subject.

English Profile Essay Features

English essay has similar features with autobiographical essay writing and it may combine numerous features of academic and personal essay writing. In particular, English profile essay may have features of narrative or descriptive writing, dialogues or anecdote. Similar to autobiographical essay writing, profile essay is based on the description and/or analysis of the specific experience, personal observation, or strong emotional impression. In any case, profile essay is a first-hand experience.  Interestingly, English profile essay encompasses all possible aspects of academic research such as observations, interviewing, and note-taking.

Characteristics of good essay:

  • Well-focused issue such as a person, activity, event, or place. It can be either very familiar to the readers or exotic. Even the most boring object can become an interesting topic for profile essay writing if you offer unique perspective on it
  • Vivid presentation and proper formatting/structuring – instead of writing about many things at the same time (for example, describing a group of teenagers), you should focus on one thing and leave the reader to make his own generalizations, conclusions, and analysis.
  • Positive impression – it is highly recommended to maintain positive tone of writing, positive perspective on the topic, and the overall optimistic mood. People love to laugh more than to cry.
  • Engage your reader into discussion – arrange details in such a way that they start feeling themselves part of your story. It does not mean that you should mention the word “you” throughout your profile essay. On the contrary, it indicates that you should appeal to the emotions of your audience.

English Profile Essay Help

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