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English Essay Writing


What is free English essay?  Free English essay is a piece of academic writing posted online, offered for sale, and used by thousands of other students.  Imagine a situation, you buy English essay on internet, submit it to your tutor, and soon find out that five of your friends have also submitted the same paper!  What is your grade?  Right, F.  Below you will find English essay writing tips, read about English essay writing outline and English essay writing conclusion

English Essay Writing Tips

Thus, you have a question you need to research.  Make sure to develop a clear argument which sets the problem.  You need to investigate the set issue, to find supporting information, and to plan writing process.  Keep in mind that English essay is not about your personal impression or opinions, you need to find relevant articles and integrate secondary information into your paper.  The first step is development of thesis statement.  It should be one sentence, clear and explicit.  Introduction is written last and thesis statement should be placed at the end of opening section. English essay writing outline will help you to plan writing process.  In addition to main sections of outline (thesis statement, introductory idea, body, and concluding note), write down all of your ideas, play with the paragraphs, change the order, revise the structure.  You will find it difficult to structure your essay without preliminary outline. 

English Essay Writing: Conclusion

Conclusion is not a mere summary of main points, you should emphasize the main idea, evaluate the work you have done, and provide recommendation for further research (of the assignment of research type).  Never present new information in conclusion and do not include quotes.  Regarding citations and quotes, make sure to follow proper referencing style and format bibliography in accordance to required style (APA, MLA, Turabian, etc). 

English Essay Writing: Things to Avoid

Many students fail to recognize importance of following elements: 

  • Language (avoid confusing language)
  • Syntax (clear sentence structure, no too short or too long sentences)
  • Diction (word choice proper for academic level and course)
  • Argumentation (all of your personal ideas should be supported)
  • References (always cite all of the sources you used/consulted, otherwise, your english essay will be plagiarized)
  • Repetitions (do not repeat ideas, do not re-state the same idea with different words)
  • Coherency (your writing should be logical, clear, and concise; all paragraphs should be logically linked and related to the thesis)

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