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English Essay


It is not a secret that English essay writing requires hard work.  It is not easy to write a good English essay especially if you work and study at the same time.  You need to be able to dissect the topic into small subtopics and find relevant information to support your ideas.  When you read something written in a book, article, or newspaper, you need to reference the sources in-text and include it into a bibliography list.  Writing an essay is a challenging and interesting task, however, not all students know how to write a good essay.

English essay writing

Persuasive essay is written with the purpose to express your opinion on a specific issue.  You need not only to express your opinion, but support your assumptions with solid reasons.  If your essay topic is abortions, and you think that abortions should be banned, you need to justify your point of view with reliable evidence.  Internet is a good source of information, however, you need to be attentive to use only reliable sources, not posts from forums and discussion.  You need to show the reader why your point of view is right.  English essay writing starts with outline creation and thesis development.  Do not care about essay format or outline structure at the beginning of writing process - your objective is to set a foundation first.

Persuasive essay writing

Many students do not understand the difference between argumentative and persuasive essay.  Sure, both types of assignment are very close in purpose, however, they require different formats.  Argumentative essay is about presenting diverse arguments on the topics (you need to evaluate each argument despite of your opinion on it).  Persuasive essay is about convincing the reader to accept your point of view (the major emphasis is being made on one element of the topic, the one you agree with).

You need to avoid creating an informative essay in which you give simple overview of the topic.  Of course, some of the assignments require topic overview (Effects of Globalization, for example), however, you should always provide an analysis of the topic and subtopics.  Do not include information you do not understand or cannot support.  For example, if you are writing that globalization has negative impact on economy of Thailand, you need to explain how globalization influences economy of Thailand, as well as provide evidence supporting the negative effect. You are encouraged to stay focused on facts, statistics, quotes, and examples, rather than your personal opinion and observations.  You are not an expert in your field of study; therefore, your personal opinion is not professional.

Custom Assistance with English Essay Writing

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