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Economics Essay


Economics essay writing, unlike English essay writing, is assessed using the following criteria:  understanding of the economics principles and theories, ability to apply theories to real situation, clear expression of thoughts, and correct referencing of the sources.  You, as an economics student, expected to show ability to apply economics tool to solve real world problems.  According to survey, poor essay writing depicts not enough effort, fails to answer the questions, and heavily relies on secondary sources rather than personal opinion.

Writing an Essay

If a student understands the economics concepts and theories, he should learn how to demonstrate them in relation to real life situations.  Economic vocabulary is mostly easy and regular attendance of lectures and participation in student activities significantly makes the essay writing process easier.  If you do not follow the instructions provided by the tutor, if do not complete assignments progressively, if you do not read the course book, you will definitely experience problems while writing an economics essay.

Economics Essay Topics

Usually, you will given an essay topic to analyze, research and develop.  If you have to decide on the topic by yourself, you have a rich choice: you can focus on economic theories and trace their development and relevance to modern day economic situations.  Alternatively, you can take a specific case study and provide in-depth analysis of it.  The most productive sources of essay topics are newspapers and magazines devoted to economics.  All you need to do is to read an article and develop a thesis statement based on the theme raised in a publication.

Do not forget to reference all of the sources you used for essay writing using proper referencing style.  There are four main writing and citation styles:  APA, MLA, Turabian, and Chicago.  Make sure to follow all style requirements and cite sources at the end of essay as well as in-text.  Footnotes and endnotes should be also used - you can include information of minor importance and justify the reason to use the specific publication.  You will definitely need to include graphs, tables, and diagrams.  Graphics consumes a lot of space of your essay, and it is strongly advised to place tables and supplemental information in Appendix at the end of your paper.

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