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Dissertation Topics


The choice of good dissertation topic is the most vital step of dissertation writing process.  Choosing a dissertation topic is a challenged for graduate school students writing a master's thesis or doctoral dissertation.  There are thousands of dissertation topics you may choose, however, it is not an easy task to decide which topic is the most suitable for you. 

Dissertation Topics: Tips

If you are writing a statistics dissertation or looking for dissertation topics in education, you should pick a topic you are interested in.  Interesting dissertation topic will contribute to making hours spent on dissertation writing more enjoyable.  In addition, having a knowledgeable adviser is always a plus.  It is not a secret that many employers will pay attention to your dissertation topic, therefore, focus on the topic which can help you in your career advancement. Do not pick the topic which was already discussed in scientific fields, focus on something new, expand the existing information in your area of research.

Many students mistakenly assume that choosing a persuasive essay topic is more advantageous because of the wealth of available information.  If you think so as well, you are at risk of producing a literature review instead of good dissertation!  Select the topic you are knowledgeable about, you have to be an expert in the chosen dissertation writing field.  Dissertation is a huge project and you do not want to waste your time on researching wide topics.

Dissertation Topics: Scholarly

Dissertation topic meeting requirements of 2.2 standard has to be reasonable, original, and of appropriate length.  Dissertation topic of 2.1 standard has to be authentic and contribute to the already existing information on the question.  Dissertation topic of 1st standard has to be well-chosen and completely unique.  While choosing a topic, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How many pages in a dissertation?
  • What area of study are your going to investigate?
  • Who will work with you? 
  • How to select the adviser?
  • What order of writing do you have to follow? 
  • Is the topic narrow enough?
  • Do I have a clear understanding of the topic?
  • Can I find the supportive information?

Good dissertation is completed dissertation and your goal is to produce the original dissertation contributing to the already published information.  Do not think that dissertation writing is an end of your graduate education, it is rather a beginning of the educational process.  Writing process is not dictated by the faculty, and it is fully your responsibility to research the dissertation topic, to plan the writing process, and to assure the dissertation completion.  Pay attention to conducting ongoing research - it means you have to spend several months collecting information before you are able to choose a topic.

If you are looking for help with dissertation scholarly writing, you have found the right site to place an order.  We employ professional writers capable of producing original, interesting dissertations meeting all requirements of scholarly writing.  Do not risk with the quality of your work, entrust dissertation writing to our experienced and educated writing experts.

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