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Dissertation Proposal


Dissertation proposal is written right after the committee has approved your research concept and you are allowed to start developing a research proposal.  If you writing an accounting dissertation, dissertation on decision making, or on any other topic, dissertation proposal has to be written in future tense and cover the first three chapters.  You are required to follow the same style and format in dissertation and proposal.  You have to use future tense because the work has not been done yet and you are writing only about your intentions.  At the same time, the purpose of research should be written in present tense.

Dissertation proposal title is the summary of the topic expressed in fifteen words.  It should contain the main terms and be typed in all capital letters.  Dissertation proposal abstract is the overview of the research area and summary of the expected results.  Table of contents (not outline!) should list all dissertation proposal elements and be double-spaced between the entries.  Attention!  You may be required to use a different format for dissertation proposal!

Dissertation Proposal: Tips

Dissertation objectives can be defined in specific questions, for example: 

  • Is the dissertation topic a problem worth of research?
  • Is this problem interesting for scholars in your field of study?
  • Can you say who will be aided by dissertation findings?
  • Can the findings be practically applied?
  • Have you expressed your objective clearly?
  • What are the research questions?
  • Can you formulate a specific hypothesis?

Dissertation Proposal: Outline

Dissertation proposal outline consists of the same elements as dissertation outline.  In particular, you should write introduction, literature review, methodology, references, and appendices.  Dissertation introduction should include the problem statements to be addressed.  You have to explain the important of research question and define the key terms.  Dissertation literature review is the critical overview of the previous research.  You have to focus only on those sources which are relevant to the topic.  Do not forget to include a specific hypothesis and provide the line of investigation.  Methodology section of dissertation proposal should provide a detailed description of the study.  Use subsections to inform the reader about the participants, subjects, testing, and measurement procedures.  References are the list of sources including all of the materials you consulted.  Make sure to reference sources in accordance to required bibliography style.  Dissertation proposal appendices should include sample questionnaire, surveys, consent forms, and similar information.  Note that appendices section should contain its own table of contents and have a cover page. It is a good idea to ask your tutor for sample dissertation proposal

Dissertation Proposal: Custom Writing

If you have not started working on your dissertation proposal yet because you do not know how to write it properly, you are welcome to use our Custom Essay.  We employ professional dissertation writers who are ready to assist you at any stage of dissertation proposal writing process.  Dissertation proposal writing is easy with our help.  Price is adjusted to the number of pages, quality level, academic requirements, and urgency of delivery.

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