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Dissertation Format


If you are writing a doctoral dissertation on any topic (statistics dissertation for example), you need to follow the below format requirements:

  • Dissertation Abstract (one-page summary of your project containing problem, objective, methodology, and achievements)
  • Attestation (you need to certify your project by mentioning its originality, do not forget to sign your work and include date)
  • Acknowledgments (mentioned everybody who has helped you with project writing or dissertation defense presentation preparation)
  • Table of contents (not outline, but a full table of contents)
  • List of figures (generate a list of all tables, figures, etc)
  • Introduction (use headings, start new chapters from new pages, use the same font and style throughout the whole essay)
  • Background information (provide background information on the topic)
  • Objectives (clearly define objectives)
  • Overview (briefly overview the whole project)
  • Technical chapters (make sure to follow the logical structure)
  • Include a chapter which demonstrates what you have achieved
  • Divide your project into sections, sections into subsections
  • Conclusion should include the summary of dissertation, evaluation of the project, recommendation for further research, and full list of references
  • Appendix (include details, reference materials, charts, etc.)

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