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Descriptive Essay


The purpose of descriptive essay writing is to write about places, moments, people, things, and theories.  Descriptive essay should be detailed and written in vivid language.  While writing descriptive essay, try to help the reader to create the mental portrait of the place or person you describe.  In simple words, your descriptive essay should show rather than tell.

Writing Descriptive Essay

Descriptive custom essay should be written in imaginative language, contain interesting comparisons, and have appealing images.  The subject of descriptive essay can be ordinary, however, it is your responsibility to make it interesting.  For example, you may write about your cat and tell the story when the cat has helped you somehow.  Descriptive essay should be written using varied vocabulary.  Use verbs which create excitement.  Focus on senses (smells, sounds, and looks) to describe event or object.  Descriptive essay should be well-organized, begin with general statement, consist of several paragraphs, and conclude with the restatement of main idea.

Descriptive Essay: How to Write

While writing a descriptive essay, try to

  • Describe event or object realistically and memorably
  • Help the reader experience your emotions
  • Share your feelings clearly
  • Bring objects to life
  • Convey key ideas
  • Make the reader feel like he is on your place

Descriptive Essay Writing Tips

The first step of descriptive essay writing is deciding on the method of organization.  If your descriptive essay is about specific situation, use chronological method of organization.  Second, focus on one point of view.  Third, identify the subject and describe it clearly.  Use many details to create the feeling about the object, draw on all five senses, and include imaginative comparisons.

While writing a descriptive essay, try to recall the small details of an object or event.  In particular, think about the importance of event, what were you doing, who were the participants, what smells were in the air, what were your feelings, why do you want to write about this event, what words can convey your feeling, etc.  Descriptive essay does not have to fit any specific format except for the standard academic outline:  introduction, body, and conclusion.  You may choose the following descriptive essay format (writing about event):  introduction (why the event is important to you), body (write about the place and time of event, about your emotions, and about event participants), and conclusion (state how the event has influenced you).

Custom Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essay writing can seem easy from the first glance because you do not have to read a book or conduct a research.  However, writing about personal experiences and emotions is not as easy as you might think.  You have to use vivid language and focus on small details.  Moreover, you need to find the words conveying your emotions and feelings.  Experienced writers working for are capable of producing an impressive descriptive essay for you.  We offer order custom essay writing service and we do not resell delivered papers.

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