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Custom Response Essay


Response essay (or the reaction essay) is one of the academic assignments given to students with the aim to consider their feelings and thoughts about something.  For example, you might need to write a Beowulf essay covering your reaction to the book in general or the main character.  Essay in individual and society should cover your opinion about the role of society in life of individual people.  Prior to writing a response essay, you need to develop English essay writing outline.  Why do you need an essay outline if the tutor did not request it?  Outline helps to organize your thoughts and ideas.  Outline has to be created prior to writing and it will be modified in the process of research.

Custom Response Essay: Book

If your assignment is to write a response essay on a book, you need to answer the following three questions:

  • What are your feelings and attitude towards the book?  (liked/disliked)
  • Do you agree with the ideas raised by the author or disagree (Why? What is your opinion)
  • Are the situations discussed in a book realistic?  (you can try to identify yourself with the main characters and say why you would react in the same way/differently)

Response essay is informal type of writing.  You have freedom to discuss your own thoughts and reactions.  You can freely use such phrases as I think, I see, it seems, I feel, I believe, I agree, because, etc.  The first sentence of introduction should include the book title and author.  A couple of sentences should be devoted either to summary of the book or the main ideas or your personal reaction (consult your tutor to ensure you are not required to follow the specific format).  Final sentence is thesis statement - the purpose of response essay writing or the main idea you are going to discuss.  You are encouraged to use numerous quotations and examples from the book.  For example, if you strongly disliked the book in general, point out to specific elements (the plot is not clear, the dialogues are boring, the setting in unrealistic, characters are dull, etc).

Custom Response Essay: Things to Avoid

Do not summarize a book or article!  Never!  Even if you think your argument is not clear without providing a summary of a chapter, take into account that tutor has read the book as well and he knows the plot and all events.  On the contrary, focus on small details which are not noticed from the first glance (for example, in one scene all characters wear grey clothes while one woman wears red dress - it might be a very important detail which reveals the meaning of the whole book).  Most of the tutors do not accept late response essays or take off many points for late delivery. provides custom response essay writing assistance to students of all academic levels.  We always deliver essays prior to deadline because we understand that time is important to you.  Do not risk with your academic advancement, order custom essay assistance at our site.  We employ only professional english writers. 

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