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Custom Literature Essay


Literature comparative essay starts with brainstorming the assignment topic.  Write down all ideas you have on the piece of literature, even though you might think they are not relevant.  Keep in mind that thesis statement and outline are written first, while introduction is written last.  Introduction and conclusion should be very similar, however, introduction should introduce the reader to the topic and state what you going to say, while conclusion should sum up the whole paper and underline main idea.  Persuasive essay , for example, should convince the reader to accept your point.  Do not try to impose your position, but rather strive to support your claim with evidence from the text.  Literature essay topics can range from plot summary to analysis of text relevance.  In most cases, the tutor will give the detailed instruction on how to select a literature essay topics.

Literature Essay Setting

If you writing a literature essay on setting of the studied work, you should conduct the research and investigate the time when the work has been written or investigate the time covered in the book/poem.  For example, the author might have written his book in 1978 in France, while the book setting is medieval England. 

Do not try to cover the whole book in your literature essay.  On the contrary, stay as focused as possible.  One of the best ways to produce good literature comparative essay is to choose 1-2 short sections from the text and use it as a foundation of your paper.  Creation of outline will significantly help you to organize your thoughts and arguments.  You should always keep in mind the scheme of your work.  In addition, make sure to include examples, quotes from the book, while staying focused on the central theme.

Literature essays are of interpretative type:  you need to provide your own vision of the text, your personal understanding supported with quotes.  You have to follow these three rules:  write in third person, use present tense, and integrate direct quotes. Keep in mind that literature essay is not a book report, it must be thesis-driven.  Do not retell the plot!!! Your paper must have a clear structure:  flowing from general idea to specific example, title must identify the thesis, citations should be properly referenced, body paragraphs should contain topic sentences, and do not tell your tutor what the story is about!

Custom Literature Essay Online

If you do not know how to distinguish book report from literature essay, if you have many ideas but do not know how to organize your thoughts, if you have to meet the deadline but do not have enough time, you are welcome to ask writers for assistance.  Our writing experts are capable of meeting the requirements of the strictest tutors.  We guarantee originality of every literature essay we deliver and provide free plagiarism report proving authenticity of your literature essay.  Order custom literature essay, and we will do our best to produce a well-written fully-referenced paper!

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