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Custom Informal Essay


Informal essay is not written for personal enjoyment.  Informal essay structure can be both informative and descriptive?  The only difference between formal and informal essay writing is that informal custom essay is written in more relaxed style, can contain humor, personal ideas, and observations. Informal essay outline, nevertheless, should follow formal requirements:  introduction, body, and conclusion.

Write informal essay as if you are writing a letter to an old friend:  you may tell the reader about your education, funny situations, family, memories from childhood.  Strive to build close connections between you and reader.  Depending on the subject, informal essay should be chronologically or thematically arranged.  Create your own story, tell about your life. Spend some time on drafting an outline of your story.  Plan the overall flow of events, focus on?  people and events, your thoughts and emotions.  Choose the central event or emotion:  when you experienced the greatest stress or when you took a risk.  Try to recall the most important moment in your life.

You need to find the perfect balance of ideas you want to present and ideas the reader is interested to hear.  You might want to talk in detail about your cat, while the reader is more interested to read about its adventures.  You, as an informal essay writer, have power to shape and control the flow of your ideas presented to the reader.

Custom Informal Essay: How to Write

Pay attention to the below tips while writing an informal essay

  • Add tension and opposition
  • Describe people and places
  • Tell about your emotions and show why they arose
  • Be creative, do not stick to the specific topic
  • Write attention-getting opening
  • Create effective closing? 

Every event in your life is related to another event.  For example, imagine you are visiting your friends and one of them talking about his vacation.  This situation has two separate but interrelated stories.  If you pay attention to these short interrelated stories, you can describe one event very colorfully.  The purpose of informal essay writing is to teach you how to distinguish different events and organize your thoughts into one comprehensive paper.  While writing an informal essay, keep the tone of conversation, however, avoid long descriptions.

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