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Custom Book Review


Critical essay or book review is what the name assumes - you need to write a critical review of a book, to analyze the ideas, to discuss points made by author, to provide your own evaluation of publication.  Below is the list of useful book review guidelines:

  • Pay attention to title
  • Look through introduction (usually, authors state their intentions, describe the aspects of their writing)
  • Look at table of contents (analyze the organization, development of ideas)
  • Identify a genre and how the book fits into general field
  • Analyze main point of view
  • Think whether you agree with the author or not
  • Locate thesis
  • Identify the audience and writing style
  • Evaluate whether the author has supported his conclusions (look at footnotes, bibliography list)

How to Write a Book Review

If you need to write a fiction book review, you need to include analysis of the theme and main characters.  Who are the main figures?  Are they credible?  What is their role in a book?  Which character did you like the most?  Why?  Can you relate yourself to any character?  Did you experience similar events, live through similar feelings, and have similar thoughts?  What is your overall impression?  Did you enjoy reading?  What section has impressed you the most/the least?  What would you change?  Would you advise this book to your friend?  Literary book review can be interesting to write if you enjoyed the reading.

Writing a Book Review

We strongly advise to conduct a research on the author, to learn more about the time he lived.  Analyze the time described in a book, research the historical period covered in a book.  Is the author accurate from historical point of view?  Literary book review is usually short; however, you need to include a lot of information.  Therefore, avoid proving plot summary, focus on analysis and discussions.  The best technique to write a thorough book review is to make notes while reading.  Every time you encounter an interesting phrase or situation, write down the page number and your comments.

Custom Essay

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