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Creative Writing Ideas


Creative writing essay is a hard work, it means you should read and write a lot. While writing a fiction, for example, you should be aware that the reader wants to find your essay interesting. Of course, you should write about anything you want, about something that really matters to you.  Despite of the topic, however, you have to determine the purpose of creative writing and analyze your audience (tutor is not your audience!). Creative writing topics should be selected from your experience.  For example, talk about interesting or touching moment from your life. The creative writing ideas should be sorted out to help the reader understand the points you raise.  If the purpose of your creative writing is to entertain, it is a good idea to include some jokes and funny descriptions. 

Creative Writing Prompts

Just as a painter selects color and draws lines to create a masterpiece, the writers use elements of fictions to tell the story.  What are the elements of creative essay writing you should be aware of?  The elements of fiction are:  character, plot, setting, theme, and style.  Characters are the participants of the story.  It is logical to introduce your characters, or at least your main character, in the opening part of your story.  The main character of your creative writing should be introduced before setting, so it gives the possibility to introduce setting from the point of view of the character.

The more character is mentioned in your creative writing, the more significant the reader will attach to him.  Dialogs, thoughts, and actions will help the reader to understand the nature of the main character. Try to demonstrate the feelings of the character. Don't let yourself comment the action of the character, it is the reader's task. Plot is one of the most essential parts in the story. The plot must be believable, plausible, and interesting. Plot consists of action and reaction, also referred to as stimulus and response. It also must have a beginning, a middle, and an ending.

Setting includes the place and time in which the story takes place. Your goal is to describe setting in the realistic way. The reader should feel deeply the atmosphere and mood of the story. The setting of creative college writing helps you to establish the basic conflict of the story. Theme is the broad idea, message, or lesson of a story. The theme of a story can be abstract and not addressed directly in the narrative. Style is one of the five elements of creative writing. Style is about the tactical choices of grammar, punctuation, word usage, sentence and paragraph length and structure, tone, the use of imagery, chapter selection, titles, etc. In the process of creative writing, these choices meld to become the writer's voice, his or her own unique style.

Custom Writing Service

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